Global Data Security and Compliance

Our visitor management software platform is set up to ensure you remain compliant with your global or local data standards with controls to protect data privacy, integrity, and availability for your organisation and to prevent data misuse.

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Make a great first impression

Forget having to locate colleagues when visitors come, produce physical badges, and keep track of visitor agreements. Keep track of everyone who has come in and out of the office and when, and report in real-time.

  • Make a great first impression, with great visitor experiences
  • Communicate clearly your policies and guidelines for your work locations
  • Seamless check-in
  • Badge printing with photo


Streamlined customisable hosting

Register guests with ease via touchless sign-in and out. Support a safe workplace by establishing criteria and screening questions for visitors on a global, regional, or building level—set capacity limits to prevent overcrowding and enable real-time reporting.

  • Keep records up to date for office compliance and security
  • Get notified when visitors have arrived so they are not left waiting
  • Ensure guests agree to your policies and terms
  • Monitor how many people are in your work environments
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Complete Visitor Management Software

Everything you require for the perfect visitor management process

Health & Safety Screening

Set requirements for visitors to come on-site, such as health screening (COVID) and acceptance of your health & safety policies


To let your staff know who to anticipate, add future visits and provide them information about their visit through email.

Multi-entrance setup

Set up unlimited check-in stations in each building, allowing users to be easily located (i.e. West entrance).

Workflows & Notifications

Enable customisable workflows per location and send notifications of arrivals to hosts and admins via text and email.

Mobile Notifications

Hosts get automatically notified of arrivals via text and email making the process simple.

Secure Encrypted Cloud

Your company’s data is safely stored in your own dedicated encryted cloud ensuring only the right people have access to your data.

Data Analyics

Gain valuable insight into visitors to any or all buildings in your portfolio so that you can make better decisions

Custom Permissions

Control who has access to which building and who can manage access to each terminal.

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“The Solution offers the exact functionality that we require… We have had a very positive experience.”

Implementations are streamlined and effortless

Our expert team will lead you through the implementation, including your integrations. Whether you need to integrate Outlook, Google, Teams, ActiveDirectory, various SSO providers or many other systems, we make the process of integrating HybridHero into your ecosystem easy.

Experience peace of mind with our exceptional 24-hour real-person customer support and robust enterprise-level security, ensuring you can relax and that your integration and ongoing support are in expert hands.

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