Software to empower your people, places and spaces

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HR Management Software
  • Core HR with simplified Onboarding/Offboarding & Customisable Workflows
  • Leave Management with approval flows all linked to Outlook & Teams
  • Comprehensive Employee Digital Files & Document Management
  • Performance Management plus Advanced Reporting & Analytics
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Workplace Management Software
  • Booking Software for Desks, Meeting Rooms, Parking and Visitors
  • Customisable In-office & Work From Home policy
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • SSO authentication plus integrated Outlook & Teams
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Manage people (HR)

All the core HR functions : onboarding & record keeping,documents, time off, organisational charts & performance management

Manage places

Visitor management, notifications and workflows, workplace maps and emergency responders.

Manage spaces

Visitor management, notifications and workflows, workplace maps and emergency responders.


One System for your people, places and spaces

Eliminate obstacles between your team and the workplace. HybridHero powerfully links all the HR Software features you need to manage your business with desk, meeting room, parking and visitor management software. We integrate seamlessly with Outlook, Teams and Google. With advanced reporting capabilities and a focus on reducing administrative overheads and reducing costs.

All you now need is HybridHero to manage your company’s people, places and spaces.

Automate hybrid work

Why organisations love HybridHero

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Ultimate HR Software

HybridHero manages all your HR needs; from simplified onboarding & customisable workflows, to comprehensive employee digital file & document management, through to performance management, surveys and analytics. HybridHero has every aspect of your people management strategy covered. Improve your people’s working life with our amazing software.

Amazing HR software
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Power global hybrid working

Manage one office or all offices globally with our market leading hybrid working software. Set in-office policies at an individual, team or company level and give employees the power to manage their working life within company defined parameters. Allow employees to book a desk, a parking spot, a meeting room or accept a visitor all co-ordinated with a fully customisable permissions module. Implement & manage the right policies for your business with HybridHero.

Manage hybrid working
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Get the best out of your amazing people

The most successful organisations have systems and processes to turbo charge their performance allowing employees to perform at their optimum level. HybridHero’s performance module is a market leading tool allowing your entire organisation to outperform expectations. From an employee perspective you can simply see your goals, review meetings, annual reviews so you know exactly what you need to do to perform at your best. For managers easily manage the performance or each employee, team or the entire company. Effortlessly see the high performing teams or individuals and harness the power of real-time analysis and transparent evaluations to propel your company’s success.

Champion performance management
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Powerful reservation and check-in software

Our market leading desk, room and parking software provides the ultimate flexibility to your organisation regardless of your needs. It has the most powerful permission module that you can customise exactly as your need for your organisation. Set desks, rooms or parking spots to be only available to one person, only to your team or to the entire organisation. Set for automated check-in or have employees check-in and out on arrival. There really is no set up we can’t accommodate. All backed up with down to the minute real-time analytics enabling management to make informed decisions.

Desk, Rooms & Parking
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Powerful reporting for HR, performance, desks, rooms, parking and visitors

HybridHero is one unified data set for all your HR and workplace management needs. As you would expect we provide the best HR reporting available, plus you can also report on the use of real-estate data including use of desks, rooms and parking. With one data set you can also simply and easily combine HR data with workplace attendance allowing companies to match attendance data with performance. It is a revolutionary new concept and extremely powerful for making fast accurate decisions on your people, places and spaces.

Amazing reporting & analytics
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Unified data making reporting simple and accurate

Empower your decision-making with HybridHero, an all-in-one solution that streamlines data for accurate insights, creating enriched work experiences for your team, regardless of their location. Consolidating data, our system ensures precision in decisions concerning your teams and workspace. Seamlessly merge in-office and remote attendance data with performance metrics, swiftly gauging the impact of various work setups on productivity. Experience the power of our intuitive system, enabling you to make timely and informed strategic decisions.

Optimise your HR & spaces

Scalabile HR and hybrid working software

Simplified management of your entire office culture with HybridHero’s powerful and customisable software.

HybridHero consolidates all the essential features you need into one intuitive software platform, effortlessly integrating your HR needs with that of how and where your teams work. The software not only give you one unified place for your people, places and spaces but also integrates seamlessly into your ecosystem with rich APIs including to Outlook, Office 365, Teams, Google, SSO providers and many, many more.


A suite of tools to empower your people. Go from 9 – 250k+ employees


Toolkit to enhance engagement
 and redefine the employee experience


All the transformative tools to revolutionize and elevate your workplace

HybridHero’s Workforce platform

HybridHero’s incredible software offers the power of one unified application for your business as it changes or grows. Everyone is working from the same application – all your divisions/teams, HR, facilities management, operations… and it is all one database for reporting and analytics. It really is the ultimate software for the hybrid working business.

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Top firms run on HybridHero

It takes a a great team and great culture to get the most out of hybrid working life. The best firms globally have embraced this and use Hybridhero to manage all their HR needs as well as all the other aspects of their working life. Book a desk, a meeting room, accept a visitor, let your colleagues know you are remote or record vacation, sick or any other type of leave. HybridHero does it all.

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“The Solution offers the exact functionality that we require… We have had a very positive experience.”

Integrate HybridHero into your processes seamlessly!

Our expert team will lead you through the implementation including your integrations. Whether you need to integrate to Outlook, Google, Teams, ActiveDirectory, various SSO providers or many other systems we make the process of integrating HybridHero into your ecosystem easy.

Experience peace of mind with our exceptional 24-hour real-person customer support and robust enterprise-level security, ensuring you can relax and that your integration and ongoing support are in expert hands.

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Get the most out of your hybrid work experience

Get hybrid work right with HybridHero.

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