Hybrid Hero enables a safe return to work for Westerleigh Group with hotdesking

Westerleigh Group is the leading developer and operator of crematoria and cemeteries in the UK caring for over 50,000 funerals a year.

What was the challenge?

During the Pandemic our Head Office became agile working and decided the best way forward for our colleagues to work from the office would be to use hot desks. This would help monitor the number of people allowed in the office at one time and should a covid break out occur, we would know exactly who was in the office at any one time. Our IT Dept reviewed any possible businesses to supply the software and worked with HybridHero to onboard their system.

Why did you pick HybridHero?

All colleagues found the app user friendly and felt that we as a business were introducing a number of things to make it safer to return to the office, ‘Hot Desking’ being one of them.

What has been your experience with HybridHero?

We have been very happy with the way HybridHero has provided a way for colleagues to return to the office and we have continued using the facility as agile working has now become the future in our business.

What is your opinion of HybridHero?

I have a great relationship with Kornelia Walewska, who is always available for a call should I need any assistance.