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By chris

Blog | October 24, 2022

Navigating New Challenges in a Sensitive Sector

HybridHero software successfully implemented at Westerleigh Group, a leading figure in the UK’s crematoria and cemetery operations. They manage substantial and sensitive data, overseeing over 50,000 funerals each year. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge, compelling us to reconsider our operational model, especially at our Head Office. The need for a flexible, responsive approach to maintain our high standards of service led us to explore innovative workplace solutions. This journey culminated in the adoption of a hotdesking model, facilitated by the intuitive technology of HybridHero, marking a significant shift in our workplace dynamics.

The Challenge: Adapting to a Pandemic-Induced Reality

The pandemic fundamentally altered the traditional workplace setup, and we were not immune to its impacts. Our Head Office, which previously thrived on the conventional fixed-desk setup, had to rapidly transition to a more agile and flexible working model. The primary challenge lay in managing the flow of employees in and out of the office, ensuring safety, and complying with evolving health guidelines. We needed a system that would not only regulate office occupancy but also provide critical data for contact tracing if a COVID-19 outbreak occurred. Our IT Department spearheaded this initiative, reviewing potential solutions and ultimately collaborating with HybridHero to implement a system tailored to our unique requirements.

Selection Process: Balancing User Experience with Safety

In our quest to find a suitable solution, HybridHero stood out for several reasons. A key factor was its user-friendly interface, crucial for ensuring quick adaptation among our diverse staff. We wanted a system that would be intuitive for all colleagues, regardless of their technical proficiency. Moreover, in an environment where returning to the office might be met with apprehension, it was vital that the chosen system contribute to a sense of safety and reassurance. HybridHero’s platform not only simplified the process of hotdesking but also aligned with our broader initiative of creating a safer, more controlled office environment.

Simplified Experience: A Tool for Seamless Transition

Our partnership with HybridHero has been a journey of continuous growth and adaptation. The platform has been instrumental in facilitating a safe and efficient return to office life for our colleagues. As agile working evolved from a temporary solution to a permanent fixture in our business model, their system proved its value beyond the pandemic. It efficiently managed desk bookings and provided clear records of office attendance, which were crucial in maintaining a safe and organised workplace. The system’s reliability and ease of use have significantly contributed to a smooth transition to this new working paradigm.

Collaborative Relationship with HybridHero: Beyond Just a Provider

A standout aspect of our experience with HybridHero has been the ongoing support and personalised customer service, particularly from individuals like Kornelia Walewska. This level of dedicated support has been invaluable. Having access to immediate assistance and advice has greatly eased the implementation process and ongoing use of the platform. It is this level of customer engagement and responsiveness that sets HybridHero apart, affirming our decision to choose them as our partner in this transition.

Pioneering a New Workplace Era

The Westerleigh Group’s experience with HybridHero represents a significant milestone in our adaptation to modern workplace challenges. This transition to agile working, underpinned by HybridHero’s efficient hotdesking system, has not only enabled us to effectively navigate the complications brought on by the pandemic but has also set a foundation for a more adaptable and dynamic future at our workplace. Our journey with HybridHero showcases the importance of innovation, flexibility, and the right partnerships in overcoming challenges and embracing new operational models.

For those keen on exploring how HybridHero can transform their office management and adapt to agile working, visit our website for more insights.

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