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The smart room scheduling software that frees up unutilised space and makes it simple to find and book the perfect room for your team

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Your new meeting room booking app​
Quick ⚡

No more time wasted on manual room bookings and wondering where your team is

Easy-to-use 👍

Design meetings that delight your employees with simple office layout management

Insightful 🔍

Gain insights into how your spaces are being used and how to optimise your office space

Fast and simple space bookings

Any member of your company to plan team on-sites and book spaces in advance or on the move, making it simple to stay organised and manage hybrid scheduling. When a room is booked or becomes available, your office map refreshes instantly.

Create a great workplace experience with user-friendly space scheduling

Office map functionality within the desk booking software helps people find a space and fosters great collaboration. Make changes effortlessly with integrations (e.g. Active Directory, Google Calendar and Office 365) into your work calendar – managed all through a full permission module around room access.

Measure how your workspaces are being used with utilisation analytics

Using HybridHero’s comprehensive analytics and reporting, you can examine check-in patterns and utilisation rates, change the arrangement of your spaces, and cut office real estate costs. With space check-in data and downloadable reports, you can also make smart decisions concerning health & safety.

Key Features ​​

Room scheduling software for flexible workspaces​

Space Schedule Management

Keep your calendar tidy and manage your schedule in one location with colour-coded availability. Avoid multiple bookings and scheduling issues.

On-demand booking

Provide on-demand booking through the meeting room booking app, so your employees can find spaces and meet up quickly.

Space Booking Policies

Set limits for meeting duration and how far in advance spots may be reserved.

Notifications & Workflows

As admin, stay up to date on check-in alerts and an any issues that may arise

Workplace Floorplans

Display an interactive floorplan of your workspaces so that employees can easily locate and reserve spaces for the day.

Data Export

Download a copy of your company’s desk usage, contact tracing, and other information for a specific day or date range.

Workspace Analyics

Gain insights into space utilisation so that you can optimise your layout and reduce real estate costs.

Custom Permissions

Control who has access to which office desks and who can manage bookings.

Workplace DSE Assessments

Complete assessments and send copies to the DSE officer in real time. This is available for any desk or home office.

Mobile Reservations

Make it simple for employees to find and book a desk using the HybridHero mobile app.


Allow employees to switch seats every day in order to engage with different teammates and collaborate on new projects.

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HybridHero’s office room booking software along with its partners helps securely bring people together to the workplace safer and faster. We work with apps you already know and trust. Get setup right away with our standard connections or use our API custom integrations

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