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Make intelligent data – driven decisions for your office

Learn how to use technology monitor your workplace to personalise your work experience to the requirements of your staff. Understand what your team require and maximise both real estate and productivity

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The data-centric office helping people

Understand your team’s space utilisation without engaging outside consultants to watch and assess them. Use analytics to detect both over and under utilised areas, analyse usage behaviors, and actively enhance your workplace.

Optimise on space management

HybridHero empowers workplace teams to be proactive by providing ongoing feedback on what works and what doesn’t. With statistics on space use, occupancy, and recaptured time, your team can make educated decisions on how to provide the ideal working experience for your employees.

Maximise on space and realise cost savings

Instead of renting costly new office space, redesign your workplace with data-driven insights to utilise your present space. If an office relocation is on the horizon, use workplace analytics to prepare ahead of time for what your office needs more of, what’s working well, and where challenges reside as you plan out a new space.

Share analysis with your co-workers

Is the number of workstations sufficient? When is the busiest time in the office? Do the office’s different sorts of spaces correspond to the activities on the calendar? Allow the numbers to speak for themselves by sharing the results in the form of exportable charts and data.

Key Features ​​

Total workplace optimisation capability​

Data Export

Download a copy of your firm’s resource usage, and check in data for contact tracing purposes, and other information for a specific day or date range.

Workspace Analyics

Gain insight into when and where people enter your office building so that you can optimise your layout and reduce real estate costs.

Custom Permissions

Control who has access to which the visitor management module and assign staff to specific buildings to manage

Notifications & Workflows

As admin, stay up to date on check-ins alerts and an any issues that may arise

Workplace Surveys

Complete assessment and send copies to the DSE officer in real time. Can complete for any desk or home office.

Trusted by Clients worldwide​​

Great Firms think ahead​

Businesses of every size, industry, and location count on HybridHero to transform their workplaces and succeed with hybrid working.

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Workspace Resource Management​

Workspaces, optimised​

Follow forward thinking companies of all different industries, locations and sizes, who manage their spaces and desks in their offices with HybridHero.

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