HR & hybrid work with AI-driven automation

Streamline your HR and workplace with intelligent workflow automation. From onboarding new staff to repetitive daily tasks like booking a desk or meeting room we automate your people, places and spaces. Discover how enhanced automation can refine your processes, enrich your data, and ensure a seamless experience for your employees. Finally, this all rolls up to one unified data set simplify reporting and decision making for management.

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Maximise productivity, simplify HR & workplace tasks

Solve your hybrid work needs and create a community where people buy in, not just clock in.

Automated HR tasks

Say goodbye to manual HR processes. Set up reusable workflows for everything from onboarding to offboarding. Adjust workflows in minutes without any tech experience.

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Default office bookings

When an employee plans to come into the office, HybridHero suggests a desk based on their default asset and can suggest other assets based on where others are based and previous bookings, minimising manual tasks.

Predict workplace use

Determine future office space and desk utilisation for better planning. Optimise your spaces based on data-driven insights.

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Tailored Employee Experiences

Whether your employees work remotely or on-site, provide them with clear tasks and a personalized experience. Customize workflows for any group, ensuring a positive employee journey from day one.

Secure HR Processes

Ensure confidentiality and data security. Determine access rights, and permissions for actions, and protect sensitive employee data.

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Top hybrid workforces run on HybridHero

It takes a a great team to adopt hybrid work life. Whatever role you play, our hybrid work life platform ensures a purpose-driven, people-prioritised, and place-determined approach.


“The Solution offers the exact functionality that we require… We have had a very positive experience.”

Streamlined, effortless, and interconnected

Simplify implementation by seamlessly integrating with your familiar and preferred tools. Craft cohesive workplace experiences effortlessly.

Trust that HybridHero seamlessly integrates with your existing ecosystem. Experience peace of mind with our exceptional customer support and robust enterprise-level security, ensuring you’re in expert hands.

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