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Welcome everyone to the workplace with peace of mind

Seamlessly greet colleagues and visitors on-site to work together, without compromising on security and safety, and saving your team time. Discover how with our visitor management app.

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Keep your people and property safe & secure

Register guests with ease via touch-less sign-in and out. Support a healthy workplace by establishing criteria and screening questions for visitors on a global, regional, or building level. Set capacity limits to prevent overcrowding and enable real-time contact tracing, for a safety-first approach to office visitor management.

Make hosting guests streamlined

Forget having to locate colleagues when visitors arrive, produce physical badges, and keep track of signed agreements. HybridHero saves your team time and hassle, keeping track of everyone who has checked in and out of the office and when, in the visitors log. This could eradicate payroll hour calcuations for shifts worked by employees and contractors, and save your accountants time.

Key Features ​​

Visitor management software that lightens your load​

Health & Safety Screening

Set requirements for visitors to come on-site, such as confirmation of COVID immunisation and a negative test result.


To let your staff know who to anticipate, add future visits and provide them with information about their visit through email.

Multiple Entrances

Set up multiple check-in stations at various at an unlimited number of entrances for your buildings. Make access easier for visitors with the parking management.

Notifications & Workflows

As admin, stay up to date on check-in alerts and an any issues that may arise. Get notifications on who’s using the hot desk booking software to keep track of visitors and employees.


We support global teams with user level multi-language functionality. The visitor management app supports 11 languages – and the list is expanding all the time.

Data Export

Download a copy of your company’s desk usage, contact tracing, and other information for a specific day or date range.

Workspace Analyics

Get insights into how the office space is being used, to optimise the layout and keep costs to a minimum.

Custom Permissions

Control who has access to which the visitor management module and assign staff to specific buildings to manage

Mobile Sign-in

Make it simple for employees to find and book a spaces and meeting rooms using the HybridHero office visitor management mobile app.

Trusted by Clients worldwide​​

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Businesses of every size, industry, and location count on HybridHero to transform their workplaces and succeed with hybrid working.

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Connect HybridHero to the tools you already use​

HybridHero’s visitor booking software along with its partners helps securely bring people together to the workplace safer and faster. We work with apps you already know and trust. Get setup right away with our standard connections or use our API custom integrations

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