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Travel to work with confidence

Perfect for parking. Provide your people with an easy and hassle-free way to park at work. Whether commuting by bike or car, book a parking spot for the day or in advance. Make changes easily via the parking management app and arrive at work confidently.

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Office parking management made for your team​
Instant ✅

Save time and avoid queueing, Access a real-time view of parking space availability

User-friendly 😎

Easy find parking spots and make reservations

Smart 🧠

Understand better how your workplace parking is being used for easier optimisation

Book or reserve your parking space before arriving to the office

Remove uncertainties by securing a parking place in advance. HybridHero’s office parking management software records employees’ employee reservations, and check-in and check-out times. You may also designate and distribute parking spaces to certain teams/employees.

Stay on top of parking space occupancy

Minimise congestion with a consolidated view of all parking spots. Consolidated parking occupancy data allows you to keep track of the number of bookings made, free space available, and booked time slots. It’s employee and visitor management made simple.

Keep your colleagues informed

Employees are immediately alerted when a parking spot is booked or checked-in to, including specifics such as the bay number and booking time. Any adjustments you make to your reservation will instantly free up the current space for someone else to utilise.

Optimise your car park with parking analytics

Download real-time parking spot utilisation data to make better use of the available space. You may obtain comprehensive information on everything from peak use time to available slots, waiting times and cancelled bookings.

Key Features ​​

The most comprehensive parking management app in your hands​

Parking Space Booking Policies

Set limits for parking duration and how far in advance people can reserve a space..

Parking Hotelling

Allow employees to hotel (make a multi-day reservation) for a parking slot a few days or even weeks in advance.

On-demand Booking

Provide on-demand booking (1 day bookings), lets your employees can choose where they want to park to get the most out of the day

Permanent Parking Bay Assignment

Provide select employees with a permanent parking space assignment that they use whenever they’re at the office.

Car parking Maps

Display an interactive floorplan of your car park so that employees can easily locate and reserve a bay for the day.

Data Export

Download a copy of your company’s parking data, and other key insights for a specific day or date range.

Data Analytics

Gain insights into car park utilisation to better plan when people come and go, for easier traffic flow and cost reduction.

Notifications and workflows

Get a complete overview of when you or your team are using the office or working from home

Mobile App

Make it simple for employees to find and book parking using the HybridHero parking management mobile app.

Custom Permissions

Control who has access to which parking spaces and who can manage bookings.

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