It’s now easier than ever to book a desk


No more time needs to be wasted with manual processes and complications with managing spreadsheets


Easily find and book desks, whether it is in advance or on the fly.


Gain insights into how your desks are being used and how to otpimise your office space

Work week coordination

A desk booking system for hybrid working

Easily get organised and manage bookings from our app, which allow any member of your firm to plan team on-sites and book desks for themselves and others in advance or on the fly.

  • Schedule workweek from your smartphone
  • See who’s coming into the office for the week
  • Locate desks and people from the workplace maps

Hot Desking solutions

Streamlined hotdesking for workplace compliance

Provide a safe work environment by controlling workplace capacity and social distancing guidelines. Determine which desks are available for reservation.

  • Provide flexible seating arrangements for your hybrid teams
  • Empower teams to sit together
  • Provide people with the right information to book desks
  • Monitor desk utilisation to best use your resources


Automated hot desk booking flow

Equip teams with automated desk recommendations default desk selection, streamline employee check-ins with desk bookings, and minimize time invested in office resource management.

Automate hybrid work
Book or reserve your parking space before arriving to the office

Remove uncertainties by securing a parking place in advance. HybridHero’s office parking management software records employees’ employee reservations, and check-in and check-out times. You may also designate and distribute parking spaces to certain teams/employees.

Stay on top of parking space occupancy

Minimise congestion with a consolidated view of all parking spots. Consolidated parking occupancy data allows you to keep track of the number of bookings made, free space available, and booked time slots. It’s employee and visitor management made simple.

Keep your colleagues informed

Employees are immediately alerted when a parking spot is booked or checked-in to, including specifics such as the bay number and booking time. Any adjustments you make to your reservation will instantly free up the current space for someone else to utilise.

Optimise your car park with parking analytics

Download real-time parking spot utilisation data to make better use of the available space. You may obtain comprehensive information on everything from peak use time to available slots, waiting times and cancelled bookings.

Key Features

All you require for managing hybrid workstations

Layout tools

Manage the return to the office. Iterate on different desk layouts and visualise capacity.

Desk Hotelling

Allow employees to hotel (mutli-day reservation) a desk several days or even weeks ahead of time.

Hot desking

Provide on-demand booking (1 day bookings), so your employees can choose where they want to sit to get the most out of the day

Permenant Desk Assignment

Provide select employees with a permanent seat assignment that they use every day they are in the office.

Office maps

Display an interactive floorplan of your workspace so that employees can easily locate and reserve a desk for the day.

Data Export

Download a copy of your company’s desk usage, contact tracing, and other information for a specific day or date range.

Data Analyics

Gain insight into space utilisation so that you can optimise your layout and reduce real estate costs.

WFH Booking

Provide complete transparency on when you or your team are in the office or working from home

Workplace DSE Assessments

Complete assessment and send copies to the DSE officer in real time. Can complete for any desk or home office.

Mobile App

Make it simple for employees to find and book a desk using the HybridHero mobile app.


Allow employees to switch seats every day in order to engage with different teammates or obtain a new viewpoint.

Custom Permissions

Control who has access to which office desks and who can manage bookings.