Workplace Return

Accomplish a safe return to the office together

Make the transition to hybrid work seamless with our suite of methods designed to assist businesses of all sizes in safely reopening and implementing long-term, flexible working solutions, so you can be confident that your team will come and go healthy.

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Desk Checked-in
Manage Social distancing in your workplace

Determine which workstations may be utilised and create a safe floor layout based on desk specifications, all while setting capacity limitations. Whether you want everyone to have a fixed seat, your whole company hotdesking/hotelling and everything in between, we can easily cater to your needs.

Make sure your employees and guests are safe & healthy

Forget having to locate colleagues when visitors come, produce physical badges, and keep track of signed agreements. HybridHero saves your team time and hassle, keeping track of everyone who has come in and out of the office and when, in the visitors log. This could eradicate payroll hour calculations for shifts worked by employees and contractors as well as save your accountants’ time

Workplace Analytics provides repots on how your office is used

Understand how your workstations are being used with HybridHero advanced analytics & reporting to see booking trends and utilisation rates, improve your spaces’ layouts and save money on office space. Confirm where and when your people are in the workplace with desk check-in data and portable reporting data.

Have oversight of when and where people have been in your workplace

Track meeting room, workstation, and space consumption usage with reservation-based data for contact tracing. Export data to determine where individuals have been and who was nearby utilising surveys and desk and meeting room check-ins.

Key Features ​​​

All you require for managing hybrid workstations​​

Distanced layouts planning

Ensure only desks that are adequately spaced can be used and reduce capacities in meeting rooms.

Set Capacity Limits

Set capacity limits at local levels, enabling different buildings in different locations to manage their capacities effectively.

Real-time Contact Tracing

In the event that there is a COVID-19 incident in your office, real-time contract tracing is available to ensure the safety of your team-members.

Health & Safety Screening

Set requirements for colleagues and visitors to come on-site, such as confirmation of COVID immunisation and a negative test result.

Office maps

Display an interactive floorplan of your workspace so that employees can easily locate and reserve a desk for the day.

Data Export

Provide complete transparency on when you or your team are in the office or working from home

Data Analytics

Gain insight into space utilisation so that you can optimise your layout and keep people happy, healthy and safe

Contactless Check in and Out

Provide complete transparency on when you or your team are in the office or working from home

Workplace Surveys

Complete assessment and send copies to the DSE officer in real time. Can complete for any desk or home office.

Sanitation Workflows

Ensure your office is clean and tidy. Implement a cleaning process into your flexible working schedule that ensures your office does not spread germs.

Issue Management

Raise issues with office facilities straight from the app or desktop browser.

Wellbeing Module

Full wellbeing module covering fire wardens, benefits, exercise tips and healthy eating.

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Businesses of every size, industry, and location count on HybridHero to transform their workplaces and succeed with hybrid working.

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HybridHero’s platform along with its partners helps securely bring people together to the workplace safer and faster. We work with apps you already know and trust. Get setup right away with our standard connections or use our API custom integrations

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