Integrated Office Floorplans and Maps

Easy, adjustable, & interactive workplace maps

Give your employees a real-time image of the workplace so they can navigate their way around, reserve a desk or meeting space, and see where their coworkers are. With HybridHero, save hours of time and hassle.

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Quick and easy wayfinding

Your employees will be able to be aware of where their colleagues are seated, which workspaces are available for reservation, and where additional office facilities may be found.

Intuitive canvas to adjust office layout

Be done with static images of your office layout. Changes and updates to your workplace may be made in seconds. Edit and duplicate large portions of the office to build out a map quickly. Include new areas of interest, such as a hand sanitiser point.

Gain insight into how your office is being used

View utilisation statistics by building, floor, area, or team. Recognize patterns for future planning. Data may be exported for additional analysis.

Make collaboration and coordination better

With a hybrid workplace, more teams require assistance in organising themselves in order to be effective. Keep teams informed about future changes. There will be no more out-of-date maps, policies, or work zones.

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Businesses of every size, industry, and location count on HybridHero to transform their workplaces and succeed with hybrid working.

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