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Since the formation of HybridHero in 2018 our software has been simplifying office management and challenging traditional office culture to support flexible and safe working practices

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Our founders have spent almost 25 years running highly successful professional services businesses serving some the world’s largest banks, governments and corporates.

Most recently at Brickendon Consulting which under their stewardship generated sales of over USD$250,000,000. This is where Hybridhero was born in 2018 after successfully delivering HR and workplace management software solutions for their clients.

Brickendon was sold to the staff in early 2023 and the team are now focused on serving our clients with this amazing product.

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Our Mission, ViSION & Values

Make hybrid working better for all

HybridHero empowers organisations to achieve their full potential by fostering connections between people, places, spaces and purpose. our platform is a catalyst for the future of work, making your working life great.

  • Mission: Simplify your working life
  • Vision: To be the best platform for making working life the best
  • Values: Innovative, bold, inclusive, fun

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