The ultimate HR software for your business

Digital Personnel Files

Simplified & secure employee record keeping. Store, retrieve, and manage essential personnel details seamlessly.

People directory & Org Chart

Control access to org chats to only those who need to see details. Make changes and see them update in real-time. You complete company structure maintained and secure.

Manage Documents

Simplify admin tasks and securely store, categorise, and share essential HR documents, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

People Analytics

Deep dive into employee data. Gain actionable insights into performance, engagement, and growth trends, empowering you to make informed decisions.

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All employee data in one single place

All employee data, including documents, performance management and office attendance, are consolidated in digital employee files. This results in a streamlined, unified view of the data, enabling powerful insights and ensuring managers have the information they need to embrace a wonderful work culture.

  • Centralised Access To All Documents and Data: Controlled access to those who need to know what is stored and where. The days of searching for employee data are officially over, and reporting is simple and easily accessible to the right people in your organisation.
  • Important Dates Always Present: Approaching contract expirations? Upcoming anniversaries? Be alerted to dates & deadlines so no major event goes unnoticed.
  • Be compliant with employee data: Effortlessly allocate access permissions and determine who can view, request, or modify information. Managers can set it up so employees can have the ability to update some of their personal data or control access so they can’t. Our powerful permissions module makes it all possible.
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See everything that is going on in the company!

Seamlessly facilitate onboarding and enhance team cohesion with our amazing organisational charts. Administrators can update it fast and easily when changes happen. Employees can easily search and view the company hierarchy. Use the powerful permission module to set users to be able to view or edit the organisational chart or allow access only to certain groups. It is powerful and incredibly simple, exactly how it we designed it to work for your business.

  • Visualise company hierarchy for strategic decision-making.
  • Employees can understand their supervisors, responsibilities and accountability.
  • Make changes simply and easily as your organisation evolves.
  • Powerful permission module to enable the right access for each employee
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Automated HR workflows

Utilise automated workflows to streamline HR tasks and empower employees with self-service features, saving time and reducing errors while ensuring comprehensive task management.

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Organised and secure HR documents

The requirement on employers to ensure they maintain an accurate record of employee and company documents is a legal and essential requirement for all organisations. This list of documents companies need to store includes validating employee identification and ensuring employees have the right to work in the jurisdiction (i.e. working visas, DBS checks) or the necessary qualifications to perform their jobs.

Added to this are employee contracts, details of assets loaned, employee benefits and many others. With Hybridhero, this is all centralised in your encrypted secure cloud for immediate access and fully controlled to ensure privacy and compliance with data access regulations.

  • Control document access to ensure privacy and security being GDPR Compliant.
  • Streamline document management for efficiency
  • Stay compliant with sensitive personal data
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Empowering HR decions with Data-Driven Insights

Real-time powerful reporting across your global HR data enables fast, accurate decisions for your business. Our powerful dashboards show onboarding and offboarding data, upcoming leave, headcount, employee turnover and a plethora of other key metrics all divisible by location or division.

Combine HR data with performance management data or workplace analytics like in-office policy compliance to get an accurate picture of factors impacting productivity at your organisation. Get ready to have data to make decisions like never before with our amazing reporting and analytics module.

  • Access real-time employee data for informed decision-making
  • Customise data views and filters by location, division, or see a global view
  • View data in our amazing reporting module or export to other systems
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Key Features

All your HR needs to easily manage your entire organisation


Empower teams with collaborative HR data providing seamless connectivity and communication in real-time.

Secure Encrypted Cloud

Your company’s data is safely stored in your own dedicated encryted cloud ensuring only the right people have access to your data.

People Analytics

Advanced analytics that dive deep into people data to uncover underlying patterns and actionable insights.

Mobile App

Stay in touch and manage HR tasks on the go with our intuitive mobile application designed for modern professionals.

Custom Permissions

Tailor access levels to individual needs, guaranteeing security while optimizing team functionalities.

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Implementations are streamlined and effortless

Our expert team will lead you through the implementation including your integrations. Whether you need to integrate to Outlook, Google, Teams, ActiveDirectory, various SSO providers or many other systems we make the process of integrating HybridHero into your ecosystem easy.

Experience peace of mind with our exceptional 24 hours real person customer support and robust enterprise-level security, ensuring you can relax that your integration and on-going support is in expert hands.

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