Delta Capita: Better manage capacity levels between work locations with hybrid work

Delta Capita, a division of Prytek, is a leading global provider of managed services, technology solutions and consulting with a unique combination of financial services expertise and technology innovation capabilities.nnThey design and develop new services and tools and leverage the significant FinTech portfolio of their parent company, Prytek.nnIts vision is to u0022Reinvent the Financial Services Value Chainu0022 by providing an enterprise operating platform as a service, a trusted mutualized service for financial services, that enables your business across the value chain.nnThey help their clients reduce costs and improve processes and technology by moving away from their existing ownership models towards mutualized managed services, enabling a healthier, higher performing business.

What was the challenge?

We had a mix of office workers and full-time consultants working between the client and our office. We originally introduced HybridHero for those who work between locations due to capacity levels. Since we switched to a hybrid work policy, we now use HybridHero for the entire office, which works well considering the growth of the company.

How did you make your people feel more comfortable coming back to the office?

HybridHero works very well for us and the support team is very responsive and has made several changes to our floor plans in a timely manner.

What is your opinion of HybridHero?

The staff is always nice and helpful and there is no asking too much.

Why did you choose HybridHero?

HybridHero is very easy to use and does exactly what we need it to do.