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We empower Facilities managers and COOs in businesses of all sizes to implement and manage a hybrid working strategy by keeping people safe, being compliant, reducing risk, cutting costs, curbing emissions, and upholding workplace security.

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Health & Safety

Employees employees should be able to book or check-in to a workstations, rooms, manage calendars, and communicate safely in a hybrid environment.

Ensure a safe & healthy workplace

Employees should be screened for COVID, capacity restrictions should be set and enforced, and employees should be able to book a desk for the day so they may work at a safe distance.

Ensure comfort for people returning

Touchless sign-in, real-time contact tracing, and provide a safe environment for your employees.

Portect your buisness against liabilities

Streamline company-wide health and safety procedures while safeguarding personally identifiable information across all of your sites.


Enterprise data security and compliance which reduce liability while simplifying audits.

Securely handle personally identifiable information

Complete control with your data storage, from health questionnaire data to employees and visitors.

Comply with stringent regulations

Collect the information needed from visitors to comply with GDPR, and other regulations.

Keep consolidated records on everything

You have a comprehensive digital record of everything that occurs in your workplace, from staff and guests, under a single platform.


Keep your office secure while not comprimising on a positive experience for everyone that enters your buildings

Ensure property security

Integrate with your building’s access control system to get control over who enters your office and restricted areas.

Protect intellectual property

Integrate your existing access control and Wi-Fi systems to safeguard your premises and intellectual property. Make sure that only verified visitors are granted access.

Keep consolidated records on everything

You have a comprehensive digital record of everything that occurs in your workplace, from staff and guests, under a single platform.


Monitoring locations, deploying to new sites, and standardising procedures are all made easier with centralised workplace management.

Realise cost savings across your business operations.

Get consolidated data on occupancy, capacity, and space use so you can make intelligent decisions about who your workspaces and staff.

Make better use of the tools you currently have.

There’s no need to redesign your processes simply to include a new tool. HybridHero integrates easily with your existing tools, allowing you to get more done with them

A personal experience on a grand scale.

With configurable and quick sign-in procedures, you can create brand-enhancing experiences. Make the experience seemless for each person that enters through your door.

Always helping you along the way​​
Dedicated customer support

Our customer service specialists are committed to ensuring your success.

Team onboarding and success manager

Setup, live demos, best practises, and ongoing training and consultancy will all be covered.

Continuous Updates

We move quickly, releasing new features and capabilities on a regular basis to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date tools for your business.

Custom Integrations

Are you unable to find the integration that your company requires? Our solutions engineering team can assist you in making it a reality.

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Businesses of every size, industry, and location count on HybridHero to transform their workplaces and succeed with hybrid working.

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Connect HybridHero to the tools you already use

HybridHero’s platform along with its partners helps securely bring people together to the workplace safer and faster. We work with apps you already know and trust. Get setup right away with our standard connections or use our API custom integrations

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