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Facilitate genuine connections

Promote meaningful interactions with effortless activity scheduling

  • Celebrate people’s success: Post Shoutouts and Kudos to celebrate your teams’ accomplishments.
  • Connect Like-minded Individuals: Showcase activities that cater to varied interests, making them easily accessible for all.
  • Stay up to date: on new joiners and congratulate peers who are celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • Promote Community: Champion community-building events, both within and outside the office environment.
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Connect, Regardless of Location

Building a unified culture is essential, especially when teams are dispersed

  • Organisational Chart: Visualise the company’s structure, understanding the dynamics between teams and departments.
  • People Directory: Dive deeper into team profiles, understanding their roles, interests, and contributions.
  • Teamwork & collaboration: Foster connections by creating teams based on shared interests, roles, or locations.
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Bring people together in meaningful ways

The weekly overview offers a clear picture of office activities, allowing employees to strategise their week effectively.

  • Weekly insights: Discover who’s in-office on specific days and get a glimpse of the week’s events in a consolidated view.
  • Office Participation: Enable teams to indicate their in-office days without mandatory desk reservations, offering a clearer picture of office occupancy.
  • Team Coordination: Provide teams with insights into office dynamics, allowing them to align their schedules for collaborative endeavours.


Open channels for constructive conversations

Have the toolkit to establish a better moe open culture that thrives on feedback and data

  • Gather and assess feedback: Streamline the feedback mechanism by overseeing, accumulating, and evaluating insights within a singular platform.
  • Lifecycle Feedback: Gather insights at various stages of the employee journey, understanding their evolving needs and perspectives.
  • Base choices on insights: Encourage open conversations on sensitive topics, ensuring everyone feels safe sharing their views.
  • Empower employee voices: Encourage open conversations on sensitive topics, ensuring everyone feels safe sharing their views.
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