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Digital Personnel Files

Elevate employee record keeping. Store, retrieve, and manage essential personnel details seamlessly.

People directory & Org Chart

Foster team connectivity with your people directory and org chart. Visualise company strucutre and locate employees easily.

Documents Management

Simplify admin tasks and securely, store categorise, and share essential HR documents, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

People Analytics

Deep dive into employee data. Gain actionable insights into performance, engagement, and growth trends, empowering you to make informed decisions.

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All employee data in one single place

All employee data and documents are consolidated in digital employee files, requiring maintenance only in this centralised location. This results in a streamlined database, freeing up your time for other responsibilities.

  • Centralised Access To All Documents and Data: Everyone knows what is stored and where – the days of searching for employee data are officially over.
  • Important Dates Always Present: Approaching contract expirations? Upcoming anniversaries? Be alerted to dates & deadlines, so no major event goes unnoticed.
  • Be compliant with employee data: Effortlessly allocate access permissions and determine who can view, request, or modify information. Employees have the ability to update their personal data.
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Understand and structure your workforce

Seamlessly facilitate onboarding and enhance team cohesion. With our platform, employees can easily search for their peers, understand the company hierarchy, and connect over shared interests.

  • Foster quick peer recognition and connection
  • Visualise company hierarchy for strategic decision-making
  • Empower employees with comprehensive information about their colleagues
  • Monitor and manage team dynamics effectively
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Automated HR workflows

Utilise automated workflows to streamline HR tasks and empower employees with self-service features, saving time and reducing errors while ensuring comprehensive task management.

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Organised and secure HR documents

All your HR documents, from employee contracts to company handbooks, centralised in cloud-based storage. Easily locate documents and control access to ensure privacy.

  • Control document access to ensure privacy and security
  • Streamline document management for efficiency
  • Stay compliant with sensitive personal data
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Empowering HR with Data-Driven Insights

Make complex HR data accessible and easy to understand. Get real-time dashboards with key metrics like headcount, growth rate, employee turnover, and more.

  • Access real-time employee data for informed decision-making
  • Customise data views and filters for detailed analysis
  • Seamlessly create detailed, data-driven reports for management meetings
HybridHero for enterprise
Key Features

All you require for managing hybrid workstations


Empower teams with seamless connectivity, ensuring projects and discussions thrive in real-time.

Data Export

Effortlessly export critical HR metrics and reports, ensuring your data is always accessible and transferable.

People Analytics

Advanced analytics that dive deep into people data to uncover underlying patterns and actionable insights.

Mobile App

Stay in touch and manage HR tasks on the go with our intuitive mobile application designed for modern professionals.

Custom Permissions

Tailor access levels to individual needs, guaranteeing security while optimizing team functionalities.


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Streamlined, effortless, and interconnected

Simplify implementation by seamlessly integrating with your familiar and preferred tools. Craft cohesive workplace experiences effortlessly.

Trust that HybridHero seamlessly integrates with your existing ecosystem. Experience peace of mind with our exceptional customer support and robust enterprise-level security, ensuring you’re in expert hands.

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