Lifetime Legal implement hotdesking and room scheduling with HybridHero

Lifetime Legal offers a new and cost-effective way of dealing with all things legal, our ethos is simple – “Everyone should have access to legal advice when they need it without fear of cost.”

What was the challenge?

We changed to hotdesking rather than depts sitting together and working in silo. We also wanted to have oversight and control over when people were coming into the office and the booking of meeting rooms too.

Why did you pick HybridHero?

App is user friendly. Cost was fair.

How did you make your people feel more comfortable about returning to the office?

We allowed a fair amount of flexibility with wfh but wanted more people to return to the office more regularly as it was apparent employees’ mental health was an issue. Our numbers/MI improved greatly when people started coming back into the office. There’s a lot to be said for real face to face contact with others even if it is just a chat whilst making a coffee but also the team comradery is important to performance. We provided free lunches and a more relaxed dress code to entice people back to the office. We also have an improved ‘wellness at work’ program which is available through our private healthcare package that we offer those passed probation.

What has been your experience with HybridHero?

Very good continuing support after we signed up. We weren’t just left to get on with it after we’d paid! HybridHero is a forward-thinking company that are genuinely keen to hear feedback and make changes to improve the offering.

What is your opinion of HybridHero?

A fantastic solution to something that is potentially a very time consuming and logistical nightmare!