In a setting of complex processes the BMW Group manages its office numbers better with Hybrid Hero


Blog | September 28, 2022

A Legacy of Innovation Embraces Modern Solutions

The BMW Group, renowned for its prestigious history in the automotive and motorcycle industry, and as a provider of premium financial and mobility services, has always been at the forefront of innovation. With a global presence, encompassing 31 production and assembly facilities across 15 countries, the need for efficient and adaptable office management solutions is paramount. In 2020, amidst the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, BMW Group turned to HybridHero to facilitate a crucial aspect of their operations – managing office occupancy and ensuring safety in their workplaces.

The Challenge: Integrating a New System in a Complex Environment

The integration of a new office management system into BMW Group’s intricate and established processes posed a significant challenge. The primary concern was to find a solution that could seamlessly blend into the existing BMW environment, respecting its complexity and unique operational needs. The goal was not just to find a system that could manage numbers but one that could adapt to and enhance BMW Group’s sophisticated processes.

Choosing HybridHero: A Feature-Rich, Tailored Solution

After assessing various options, BMW Group selected HybridHero for its comprehensive functionality that went beyond the basics of a desk booking system. HybridHero stood out with its advanced features tailored for social distancing and specific COVID-19 support, making it an apt choice during the pandemic. Additionally, the system’s Management Information (MI) reporting capabilities and mobile app functionality were key factors in its selection. HybridHero offered a solution that was not only feature-rich but also met the local, specific requirements of BMW Group.

Ensuring Comfortable Return to the Office

To make employees feel more at ease returning to the office, BMW Group implemented strict social distancing measures and limited office capacity to 50%. These precautions, supported by HybridHero’s system, ensured a safer environment for employees, alleviating concerns about returning to a physical workspace during the pandemic. This approach demonstrated BMW Group’s commitment to employee safety and well-being, while still maintaining operational efficiency.

Positive Experience with HybridHero

BMW Group’s experience with HybridHero has been very positive. The support received from the HybridHero team has been a standout aspect, with staff being highly supportive, attentive, and quick to resolve any issues or queries. This level of customer service has been instrumental in the smooth implementation and ongoing use of the system, reinforcing HybridHero’s commitment to their clients’ success.

Endorsing HybridHero: User-Friendly and Effective

BMW Group’s opinion of HybridHero is highly favourable. The platform is regarded as easy to use and accessible, making it user-friendly for all employees. Its effectiveness in managing office numbers and ensuring a safe work environment during a challenging period has been noteworthy. The simplicity and efficiency of HybridHero’s solution have made it a valued tool within BMW Group’s operations.

A Partnership Driving Forward

The collaboration between BMW Group and HybridHero illustrates how traditional companies with complex processes can successfully implement modern technological solutions to enhance their operations. This partnership has enabled BMW Group to navigate the challenges of the pandemic effectively, ensuring safety and efficiency in their office management. HybridHero’s blend of advanced features and user-friendly design has proven to be a perfect fit for BMW Group’s requirements, further cementing its position as a leading solution in office management systems.

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