How HybridHero parking can help you

Simple & fast

Say goodbye to manual processes or queuing for parking. Just 2-clicks from calendar or floor plan and your parking for the hour, day or week is booked. Have real-time view of parking space availability


Our desktop or mobile apps are so simple no training is needed. Simply click on a map and easily find your parking spot with availability updated in real-time.


Management gain valuable insights into how parking is being used. Optimise real-estate and reduce your costs with our advanced analytics.

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Our software makes parking managment seamless

Minimise congestion and allow employees to book from the calendar or parking layout plans finding the right spot at the right time. Real-time updates means employees can always see what spaces are available to them easing confusion and making parking at any of your properties simple and intuitive.

  • Simply book from desktop or mobile apps
  • Easily filter to match parking needs
  • See exactly how many spaces are free real-time


Parking software with advanced permission module.

Allocate spaces available to only certain individuals, teams or car types. Accurately plan use of your parking real-estate with real-time updates of what spaces are being used by who and when. Give employees the confidence to come to the office knowing they have secured a place for the hour or the day. All fully integrated to our advanced reporting and analytics to make parking simple and easy for employees, administrators and managers.

  • Easily allocate spaces to teams or car types (i.e. EV)
  • See real-time spaces used and manage capacity
  • Plan parking for the week or month for entire company
  • Advanced analytics & heatmaps of global portfolio
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Automate your workplace parking

Reduce your teams’ manual tasks with automated check-ins and eradicate the uncertainty of locating the appropriate parking space with intelligent default and suggested spaces.

Workplace automation
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Manage in-office capacity including parking

Managers can see and plan in-office days with parking updated immediate as employees schedule their day or week. As employee plans change, capacity will be freed up in real-time.

  • Better understand parking utilisation trends
  • Reconfigure under-utilised spaces to better serve your people
  • Forecast parking needs with leading workspace analytics
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Optimise your spaces with parking analytics

Reporting real-time parking spot utilisation data to make better use of the available spaces. Comprehensive reports covering peak times, most used spaces, teams most using parking all able to be slice and diced by location or even time of day. Make decisions based on accurate data all available in our amazing analytics module.

  • Better understand parking utilisation trends
  • Reconfigure under-utilised spaces to better serve your people
  • Forecast parking needs with leading parking analytics
Uplevel your analytics
Key Features

Complete parking software for your workplace

Space Booking Policies

Set limits for parking duration and how far in advance spots may be reserved at a company or even individual level.

Parking Reservations

Allow employees to reserve parking, only for today, or several days or even weeks ahead of time.

Parking Matching

Input your space preferences and HybridHero will provide availability options tailored to your exact requirements.

Notifications & Workflows

As admin, stay up to date on check-ins alerts and an any issues that may arise.

Parking Maps

Display an interactive parking layout of your entire portfolio allowing employees to easily locate and park.

Secure Encrypted Cloud

Your company’s data is safely stored in your own dedicated encryted cloud ensuring only the right people have access to your data.

Data Analytics

Gain insight into parking utilisation so that you can optimise your layout and reduce real estate costs.

Custom Permissions

Control who has access to which parking spots and who can manage bookings.

Mobile Apps

IOS and Android apps make it simple to find and book a parking space for your employees.

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“The Solution offers the exact functionality that we require… We have had a very positive experience.”

Implementations are streamlined and effortless

Our expert team will lead you through the implementation including your integrations. Whether you need to integrate to Outlook, Google, Teams, ActiveDirectory, various SSO providers or many other systems we make the process of integrating HybridHero into your ecosystem easy.

Experience peace of mind with our exceptional 24 hours real person customer support and robust enterprise-level security, ensuring you can relax that your integration and on-going support is in expert hands.

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