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Workplace Social distancing

Workplace Social Distancing
By Catherine Steele

Blog | May 20, 2021

Workplace Social distancing:

Many businesses across the globe are returning to work after COVID19 lockdowns. They are looking for how to safely look after their employees and implement workplace social distancing procedures. At HybridHero, our software can help to quickly and easily implement social distancing for your office. We ensure that available desks are appropriately spaced within your office drastically reducing the risk to individual employees and your entire workforce. This can be done for any company without the need to alter floor plans. We pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround and within just 24 hours for a medium sized company. You can be set up to enable a safer return to work after COVID19 lockdown. If someone in your company does fall ill with COVID19 symptoms, our software also has effective contact tracing features built in. This allows a quick and easy way to identify individuals that may have been in proximity to the individual with the symptoms enabling you to isolate those at risk and protect your entire workforce.


When implementing a social distancing policy in the workplace, it will be important to minimise contact between employees and between employees and customers, where transmission is most likely to take place. This is where people are in close proximity to each other for prolonged periods of time. People spending eight hours in an enclosed office are likely to have a higher risk of transmission than passing someone in the street for just a few seconds. Governments around the world have issued guidance recommending where possible having 1.5-2m distance between employees and any other person, staff or customer. E.g. placing markers on the floor to protect people so they can see the appropriate distance between each other. Monitoring and reminding everyone of social distancing requirements. Removing old social norms like shaking hands to greet each other and cancelling non-essential meetings or holding them via video conferencing or phone calls. These are all ways to reduce a company’s overall risk of infection to its employees and customers from COVID-19.

Minimising transmission for desk workers:

Desk seating, particularly in open-plan spaces, poses one of the greatest risks of transmission. This is due to the prolonged time office workers sit in close proximity to each other. At HybridHero, we are experts at setting your office up to help ensure social distancing is maintained and employees can see which desk they can or cannot sit at to comply with the company policy. This ensures adequate space is maintained between them protecting their health and meeting the company’s workplace health and safety obligations. Below you can see how this can be implemented both on the desktop and mobile application version. Social distancing works on the mobile application as well. Your employees can see only the desks available which have been planned to be a safe distance apart to protect them and their colleagues. workplace-safety Setting up your office for social distancing is a critical step in protecting your employees as you return to work after COVID19 lockdown. This can be done quickly and easily without the need to physically move desks. Part of the process is making sure employees check-in to the desk they have booked so you can quickly and easily perform contact tracing. See next article: Contact tracing. To find out more about how Hybridhero can help you optimise your workspace, save money and improve the overall wellbeing of your employees, sign up for a free trial today.


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*Disclaimer: this article is based on market research but also contains references to the software product owned by HybridHero Limited

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