Hooyu: Empowers employees with better visibility on desk availability

HooYu is a global customer onboarding platform designed to increase the integrity of KYC and maximise the success of customer onboarding. It is trusted by tier one banks such as NatWest, challenger banks such as Countingup, FinTechs such as Suits Me and online gaming firms such as Betfred. HooYu blends UI & UX features to build a smooth digital verification journey with a range of identity validation technologies to help regulated firms know who they’re dealing with.

What was the challenge?

We recognized that post covid the requirement for office space had decreased and so we decided to move from an office with a capacity of 50 desks to an office with a capacity of only 20 desks. So the challenge was to plan who would be travelling to the office at once and ensure there was a desk available for them on arrival.

How did you make your people feel more comfortable about returning to the office?

The team has been very responsive at every level, from initial contact and through account management. Easy to use as an administrator which makes everyone’s job a lot easier.

How does all this help you manage your office costs?

It has been great; we found the app very intuitive, easy to use for our employees and effective. It met all our requirements, and we would happily recommend the solution to other organizations.