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By Catherine Steele

Blog | August 9, 2022

Leading the Charge in Data-Driven Media Analysis

Ebiquity stands as a paragon in the world of media investment analysis, renowned for its pioneering approach to harnessing data in driving brand success. This global leader excels in delivering independent, insightful advice, enabling brand owners to refine their media investments and achieve superior business outcomes. At the heart of Ebiquity’s ethos is a commitment to data-driven solutions, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of media spend. They stand out in their ability to identify and eliminate wasteful expenditure, thereby creating significant value for brands. This focus on data and analytics has not only positioned Ebiquity as a critical advisor in media investment but also as a visionary in optimising operational strategies within their own organisation.

The Challenge: Navigating Office Space Reduction and Agile Work Methods

In 2019, a pivotal shift occurred for Ebiquity. The company undertook a strategic move to a new office, driven by a need to align their physical workspace with the evolving needs of their workforce. This transition involved reducing the total number of desks, a decision rooted in an innovative space management strategy. Concurrently, Ebiquity embraced an agile working model, a significant cultural and operational shift that posed its own set of challenges. A major concern was the potential fragmentation of teams, as the new office layout was spread across three floors. This spatial distribution sparked apprehensions among department managers about maintaining team cohesion and effective collaboration. To mitigate these challenges, Ebiquity introduced the concept of ‘neighbourhoods’, but it soon became evident that a more dynamic solution was needed – one that could seamlessly manage the complexities of an agile, multi-floor workspace.

Implementing HybridHero for a Seamless Transition

The integration of HybridHero into Ebiquity’s new office environment marked a crucial step in ensuring a smooth transition for employees. Recognizing the importance of a system that was not just efficient but also user-friendly, Ebiquity selected HybridHero for its intuitive interface and versatile functionality. This system played a pivotal role in alleviating concerns related to the agile working method and multi-floor office layout. The HybridHero platform enabled employees to book desks easily, ensuring that despite the physical separation across floors, teams could still plan to work in close proximity. Additionally, the prompt and effective response of the HybridHero team to any initial issues was instrumental in maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction and confidence in the new system.

Ebiquity’s Cost Management and Space Optimisation with HybridHero

A key outcome of adopting HybridHero was the substantial cost savings realised through optimised space utilisation. By efficiently managing the reduced number of desks, Ebiquity was able to significantly lower their office space costs. The HybridHero system provided valuable insights into space usage, allowing Ebiquity to make data-driven decisions about their office layout and resource allocation. This strategic approach to space management not only resulted in financial benefits but also demonstrated Ebiquity’s dedication to creating a flexible, modern working environment that resonated with the needs of their dynamic workforce.

A Paradigm Shift in Workspace Management

Ebiquity’s journey in adapting to a new office and embracing an agile working model, supported by the HybridHero platform, is a compelling example of how strategic planning and innovative technology can transform workplace dynamics. This case study illustrates the importance of adopting adaptable and user-centric workspace solutions in today’s fast-evolving business world. Ebiquity’s experience with HybridHero underscores the potential of technology in facilitating successful workplace transitions, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and cost-effective resource management.

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